I Can’t Find A Job Right Now…What Should I Be Doing?

I Can’t Find A Job Right Now…What Should I Be Doing? We have seen the effects that COVID-19 have had on businesses, but how has it affected you? Yes you! The creative who recently graduated and needs the three to five years of experience in your field. The graphic designer, advertiser, creative strategist or photographer that wants to apply what they learned in school. Trust us, we have all been in your shoes. The situation may have looked a little different, but thousands of students struggle...

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How COVID-19 is Affecting Advertising & Marketing

How COVID-19 is Affecting Advertising & Marketing Will the world stop turning because of COVID-19? Certainly not! Should you pause your advertising and marketing...well maybe. That all depends on if it is on-site retail or not. Are people watching more TV, scrolling social media, accessing information online, including visiting your website – ABSOLUTELY! Maybe it's time to build your brand (more people are at home watching tv, including local media). With media inventory high, the cost...

web design, advertising, marketing, branding

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Do I Really Have a Good Website?

Do I Really Have a Good Website? As a business, there are numerous opportunities for reflection, change and growth. However, what happens when you don’t know what questions to ask? How do you recognize a problem you never know you had? Well, all we can say is that you keep reading and find out! While there are numerous questions that you could ask yourself, there is only ONE that we want you to focus on today: “Do I really have an effective website?” Don’t worry though, we aren’t...

web design

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Why Companies Should Utilize Social Media

Why Your Business Should be Utilizing Social Media Believe it or not, many companies today still fail to realize the impact a strong presence on social media can have on their business. While social media has been recognized as a way to take trendy selfies and stalk your crush (and other reasons of course), it also has a lot to offer for a wide array of businesses. For a business to truly capitalize on all of the marketing tools within its grasp, the power of social media marketing must be...

advertising, marketing, social media

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12 Rules for Every Billboard Design

12 Rules for Every Billboard Design After 15+ years in business, we like to consider ourselves experts on everything that is outdoor advertising — including BILLBOARDS! Over the last few years we have witnessed several mistakes businesses tend to make when starting a billboard campaign. We find that many companies solely focus on billboards that have the highest viewing counts. While important, and centaintly a key part of the strategy, there are other factors that many businesses (and...

graphic design, trends, advertising, billboard

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The Icon of Icons

The Icon of Icons Paul Rand, an acclaimed graphic designer near the 1950s, once stated in an interview at MIT,  "Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated."  We see this so often. Think of the computer mouse. Very simple, right? Well, I'm sure some of you didn't know that the first production mouse, created by IBM in the 1980s, was expensive and unreliable. It wasn't until IDEO, a creative solutions agency, reinvented it while working with Apple for the release of...

graphic design

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