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Social Media Facts 2022 - What You Need to Know

Social media has brought negative and positive features to society, but when it comes to a company’s brand image, it has presented many positive characteristics, especially from a marketing standpoint. But what does it look like in 2022? The stats are in and we are ready to go through them with you to determine which platforms might be the best for you this year. Let’s go!

advertising, marketing, social media

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Why You Need to Be on Google My Business

In a world where the word “googling” is an official word in the dictionary, the days of strolling down the street and stumbling upon a local business are long gone. Now, many people rely on the internet to research and discover the business that will satisfy their needs. But with so many businesses competing for the attention of the same customer, how can you ensure that your business stands out amongst the rest and is easy to find in a sea of websites online? Luckily, Google has foreseen this...

web design, advertising, marketing

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Designer in Your Family

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Designer in Your Family Ok, we know, Christmas is right around the corner and you are stuck trying to figure out what to get that odd (did we just say that?) artistic person in the family. It isn’t always easy to appeal to the designer with normal gifts, but don’t worry…Stimulus is here to help. Here are a few last-minute gifts that you can get that awe-inspired graphic designer in your family. Don’t worry…we will start with the more affordable items and then...

graphic design

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8 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know You Could Do with Joomla

8 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know You Could Do with Joomla! "Joomla? Jooba? What did you say? What’s that?""Well, WordPress can do...""Is that even a real thing? Why would you all use that?" We can’t tell you how many times we have heard these questions, but don’t worry—not only will we tell you what Joomla is, we will also show you some of its coolest features! Joomla is actually the second-most popular open-source Content Management System (CMS)— behind WordPress. Created...

Joomla, web design

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I Can’t Find A Job Right Now…What Should I Be Doing?

I Can’t Find A Job Right Now…What Should I Be Doing? We have seen the effects that COVID-19 has had on businesses, but how has it affected you? Yes, you! The creative who recently graduated and needs three to five years of experience in your field. Are you the graphic designer, advertiser, creative strategist, or photographer that wants to apply what they learned in school? Trust us, we have all been in your shoes. The situation may have looked a little different, but thousands of students...

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How COVID-19 is Affecting Advertising & Marketing

How COVID-19 is Affecting Advertising & Marketing Will the world stop turning because of COVID-19? Certainly not! Should you pause your advertising and marketing...well maybe. That all depends on if it is on-site retail or not. Are people watching more TV, scrolling social media, accessing information online, including visiting your website, ABSOLUTELY! Maybe it's time to build your brand (more people are at home watching tv, including local media). With media inventory high, the cost may...

web design, advertising, marketing, branding

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