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Stimulus'  web hosting plans offer an excellent solution for hosting for small businesses, an enterprise-wide corporate site, professional web sites or personal web site. All of our hosting plans are performance tuned for hosting dynamic database-powered applications such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, phpBB, or in fact any PHP / MYSQL requirements. Your web hosting is an important business choice - We use all web standards such as cPanel® to make your hosting portable and efficient. Having our own managed servers allows us to design web sites faster, in a stable controlled environment and eliminates testings and complications done in shared hosting platforms. As your website grows you can seamlessly upgrade to a larger plan without downtime or penalty fees. We currently host over 500 sites, some with high-security levels for financial services. Security documentation can be provided for due diligence and technology security reports. Our hosting is also "JOOMLA!" friendly and works as a catalyst between the server and the Joomla! administrator portal. Rest assured that Stimulus makes the best decisions to make our client's hosting secure and affordable.

Our servers are PCI compliant: PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) requires businesses that store sensitive custom financial data, like credit card numbers, to comply with strict security standards.

Without the PCI Compliance certification, your organization not only risks exposing sensitive data to hackers but could also face fines or permanent expulsion from card acceptance programs. Stimulus can help keep your site or app compliant. We maintain a hosting environment to meet all applicable security standards. In addition, our scanning service not only checks to see if your environment is compliant but also provides quarterly scans to ensure services are kept up to date and any new security vulnerabilities are resolved immediately.

  • Flexible domain options:

    • Parked Domains
    • Sub Domains
    • Multiple Domains
    • HTTPs Certifications
    • Password Protection
    • Multiple .dot Choices
  • Email:

    • Email Forwarders
    • Auto Responders
    • Google Apps Integration
    • Mailing List Software
    • Web Mail Access
    • SPAM Filtering
  • Development and Backups:

    • Custom Error Pages
    • Apache Handlers
    • DNS Zone File Editor
    • phpMyAdmin
    • Network Attached Storage
    • 'One-Click' User Backup
  • File Management:

    • FTP Access
    • Secure FTP Access
    • Web File Manager
    • SSH (Secure Telnet)
    • Web Disk (WebDAV)
    • File Access

Give your website the home it deserves. We provide safe and reliable hosting options for your domain.