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Outdoor Design

Advertisements Built to Weather the Storm


Get Big and Bold with Billboards

Trust us, we get it...billboard design is not easy! It can definitely be overwhelming when looking at things as a whole. The key, in our humble opinion, is finding an agency that can help you get the right messaging on the board. Whether it's a digital board or a print board with lights for the night-time drive, we can help you design the perfect billboard.

Although we are based in Lynchburg, Virginia, Stimulus has connections throughout Virginia with multiple billboard and outdoor companies. We work with you to develop a strategic plan that will ensure that your billboards are seen by the right target and in the right locations.


When doing an outdoor campaign, the billboard designs need to be identifiable and comprehensive. Here is an example of a campaign we did for Walk-In-Care Immediate Cares in Central Virginia. By utilizing bold color selection and minimalistic copy, the viewer was able to identify their symptoms in the display and understand the message quickly.