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Social Media

Creating an expansive online presence

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Creating an Expansive Online Presence...

Are You Engaging and Building Your Organization in the World of Social Media?

At Stimulus Advertising, we believe that although social media seems to be the focus of the business world, it’s just another form of media. It’s just another way for businesses to reach customers, and as such, it can be easily understood and utilized in every industry and business sector. It’s about building contacts, brand awareness and image recognition. We provide these tools to build relationships, maximize referrals and find new markets:

Our Plan of Attack

  • 1. Creation & Set Up

  • 2. Website Integration

  • 3. Reputation Management

  • 4. Audience Engagement Strategies

  • 5. Measurement

    The Four E's of Social Media

    Social media is more than how many “likes” a page has. It’s about creating an online face for your company, promoting your brand and networking with consumers and other professionals. Your businesses’ page should be a hub for information about and relating to your business and its consumers.

    At Stimulus Advertising we believe that social media should not be the whole of your media usage, but rather a portion of a cohesive multi-media solution to better your interaction and image with consumers and colleagues. Our philosophy is simple. We follow what we like to call the "Four E's of Social Media" on all social media accounts.


    It is important to have engaging content on social media. Social media is successful because it is a place where people can go to engage with one another; whether that is through laughing at a shared video, or commenting on a shared post. Dlvr.it states that 62 percent of millennials will become loyal customers of brands that engage with them. In order to create engaging content, you must first know who you are trying to engage as a company (i.e. a sports shop wouldn't target people who have no interest in sports). Knowing who your audience is—what they like, their interests and their passions—will help you generate content that will keep them wanting more. Ask yourself this question, "are my social media posts focused on those who invest time into my product or business?"


    Marketing Land states that humor is one of the simplest, most instinctive ways to trigger emotion. So why not have something funny to make your audience laugh? When people follow a business they want to see the face of that business, no matter how big or small. No one wants to follow a lifeless, boring, never-ending lecture. People want to see content that engages them and makes them laugh. Entertainment will have your followers coming back for more every time and will allow them to see the sense of humor your company posesses. Don't forget, whatever content you generate must relate to your brand.


    Everyone wants to feel empowered, right? Well, as a matter of fact, they do; that is as long as it is done correctly. As a brand, you can have a lot of power and a lot of influence on your clients and followers. With this in mind, it is important to create content that will empower or encourage your followers. For example, Nike's "Just Do It," and Under Armour's "I Will What I Can." Empowering your audience will not only show them what you stand for but will show them that you care.


    Education is the last of our four E's. You should include generated content that educates your audience. Education can cover a multitude of things. For some, education will cover what is going on in the world. For others, education will cover new products or what the company is planning to do next. However you look at it, education gives your brand credibility and the chance to feed your audience targeted information.

    Let us help you create a social media plan that will include the four E's of social media. We want to not only help you engage with your audience; but, through that engagement, we want to help you entertain, empower, and educate your audience as well! Set up your appointment today and let us help you become the next social media guru.

    Social media is about relaying relevant information and an attractive face to prospective and current clients. We know that partnering with our company is the first step in bringing your company into the fast-paced future that is social media.

    Let us help you create a strategy that works on all of your social platforms