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Scoreboards Sports Grill Social Media Management & Photography Cutting Through The Noise It's all About Conversion Scoreboards, a new Restaurant and Sports Bar, needed a way to market to the Lynchburg community. Their goal was to utilize social media to draw people in and to recognize them as the Sports Bar they never knew they needed to visit! With some already-established brands in the area, it was important for this restaurant and bar to cut through the noise. That's where Stimulus...

Social Media Facts 2022 - What You Need to Know

Social media has brought negative and positive features to society, but when it comes to a company’s brand image, it has presented many positive characteristics, especially from a marketing standpoint. But what does it look like in 2022? The stats are in and we are ready to go through them with you to determine which platforms might be the best for you this year. Let’s go!

Why Companies Should Utilize Social Media

Why Your Business Should be Utilizing Social Media Believe it or not, many companies today still fail to realize the impact a strong presence on social media can have on their business. While social media has been recognized as a way to take trendy selfies and stalk your crush (and other reasons of course), it also has a lot to offer for a wide array of businesses. For a business to truly capitalize on all of the marketing tools within its grasp, the power of social media marketing must be...