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12 Rules for Every Billboard Design

12 Rules for Every Billboard Design After 15+ years in business, we like to consider ourselves experts on everything that is outdoor advertising — including BILLBOARDS! Over the last few years we have witnessed several mistakes businesses tend to make when starting a billboard campaign. We find that many companies solely focus on billboards that have the highest viewing counts. While important, and centaintly a key part of the strategy, there are other factors that many businesses (and...

A Redesign for the Ages

Westminster Canterbury - Lynchburg Print Collateral Redesign A Redesign for the Ages Whoever said print was dead...they lied! We have always LOVED a good print piece. The colors, the material, the smell of the paper, the...ok, sorry, we got a little carried away but we're back! Whether it's designing a business card or putting together a marketing brochure, we are all about it! The pieces we redesigned for Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg, Virginia were no different.  A Little...

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Designer in Your Family

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Designer in Your Family Ok, we know, Christmas is literally right around the corner and you are stuck trying to figure out what to get that odd (did we just say that?) artistic person in the family. It isn’t always easy to appeal to the designer with normal gifts, but don’t worry…Stimulus is here to help. Here are a few last-minute gifts that you can get that awe-inspired graphic designer in your family. Don’t worry…we will start with the more affordable items...

The Icon of Icons

The Icon of Icons Paul Rand, an acclaimed graphic designer near the 1950s, once stated in an interview at MIT,  "Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated."  We see this so often. Think of the computer mouse. Very simple, right? Well, I'm sure some of you didn't know that the first production mouse, created by IBM in the 1980s, was expensive and unreliable. It wasn't until IDEO, a creative solutions agency, reinvented it while working with Apple for the release of...

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