12 Rules for Every Billboard Design

12 Rules for Every Billboard Design After 15+ years in business, we like to consider ourselves experts on everything that is outdoor advertising — including BILLBOARDS! Over the last few years, we have witnessed several mistakes businesses tend to make when starting a billboard campaign. We find that many companies solely focus on billboards that have the highest viewing counts. While important, and certainly a key part of the strategy, there are other factors that many businesses (and some...

Lynchburg Regional Airport

Lynchburg Regional Airport Outdoor - Billboard Designs A Message from the Sky Making Your Voice Heard! We were so excited when we received a call from the Lynchburg Regional Airport to assist them with their latest marketing campaign (who doesn't love a new client?). The goal was to utilize outdoor marketing (billboards) to spread a few key messages to residents of the Greater Lynchburg community. The key points included: Let residents know that the airport has added more seating to...

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