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Integrating expanded access

Walk-In-Care is one of Lynchburg leading immediate care providers. Founded by CVFP Medical Group and the Physicians Treatment Center, Walk-In-Care focuses on expanded access for patients and quality healthcare at reduced costs. With five convenient locations in the area, Walk-In-Care is ready to provide you with treatment on your schedule. 

When CVFP came to us for help branding their new service and building a website we decided to start with a meaningful brand name. We wanted to ensure that, above all else, patients could tell at a glance that they were an immediate care facility, and so we combined that idea with a phrase that connoted convenience and rapid service. After quite a bit of deliberating along with some trial and error we came up with their current name, Walk-In-Care. 

We wove this, along with a full logo design, into an all new website for the brand. We focused on bold, meaningful colors, images of real people and highlighting the unique quality of serviceWalk-In-Care provides.

We love this website and are so excited to add Walk-In-Care to our long list of satisfied clients.