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Logos are the ultimate mark of distinction for any business, product or organization— A logo can even represent a nation or political organization. We see logos everywhere from clothes to food; even a custom tattoo is a logo as such in today’s world. Its purpose is to identify you by making an impression— a visual representation that supports your brand, your core belief, your core competencies and establishes and reflects your position in the marketplace. A logo is an embodiment of an organization. All of the logos we create are created as vector graphics. Logos that are created as vector graphics can be enlarged and reproduced without losing their quality. Therefore, you can use the same logo on a business card and a billboard without sacrificing detail or quality. Careful attention is made to the reproduction of logos. We often say, “a logo should both fit on a pencil and a billboard." At Stimulus, as part of our logo design service, we always provide final color print EPS (encapsulated postscript) versions (1, 2 and 4 color), fax, web, Microsoft Word Portable Network Graphic files (PNG), JPEG and Tiff file format masters. Mouse around and enjoy the carousel of samples below.

At Stimulus we can simply design you a logo and create a tagline or we can create your “brand” and help define your “brand experience” and how that intersects with your marketing goal. Below you will find a few of our actual and conceptual logo designs. See one you like? Contact us and get your brand journey started today!

Logosizing 0002 Brushymountainclublogojpg
Bedford Parks Rec
Friday Cheers
Web Design Lynchburg 24504 Churches
Beeker Furniture
Beulah Baptist
Forest Presbyterian Church
Beulah Baptist
Logosizing 0001 Littenandsipelogojpg
Vets First
Collaborative Health Partners
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Azdel On Board
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Medical Web Pros
Burch Messier
Holiday Lake
Lovelace Lynchburg Logo Design Stimulus Advertising Web Marketing Firms Virginia
Canterbury Cafe
Carpet Cleaning Crew
Wildlife Foundation
James River Grille
First Presbyterian Church Logo Design Lynchburg Virginia Marketing Firm
X Cell Lite
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Web Central
Timberlake Motel
Pldr Law Firm Advertising Marketing Services Lynchburg VA
Association of Web Design Professionals
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Lofts At The Point
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Pinnicle Quality Insurance
Logo And Web Developers Lynchburg Va
Boone Tractor
Walk In Care Logo Design Lynchburg Stimulus Advertising
Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church
Lynchbrug Auto Lock
Web Design Lynchburg 24504 24503
Web Design Roanoke Logo 24502
Logosizing 0003 Wesministercanterburyjpg
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Health Xpress
Mayflower Landing
Teapot Jewelry
Dogwood Dining Hall
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Twin River Outfitters
Fostek Corporation
Web Design Beford Lynchburg Company
All Seasons Metal Roofing
Lynchburg Wholesale Floral
Big Otter Mill
W.R. Murdock and Sons
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Usa Discounters
Stimulus Advertising Logo Design Liberty Mt Medical

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