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Cornerstone Hospitality

An Online Base-Of-Operations

Cornerstone Hospitality is a property management group that takes a hands-on approach in handling property operations, historic redevelopment, brand development and more for the properties under their care. Focusing on guest satisfaction and ensuring that their teams are equipped for success has made them very successful in the Lynchburg VA area, so we were very flattered when Cornerstone approached us for some help with managing their online real estate.   

Managing so many properties and providing so many services can provide unique marketing challenges, so we started working on designing an online presence that could better support Cornerstones operations. 

First and foremost, they needed a way to highlight the properties that they are currently managing. This meant designing an interactive portfolio that allows clients to not only see what Cornerstone is currently managing, but also to learn more about the individual properties. Focusing on making their intangible services as tangible as possible in our designs really brought the site together and created an end product that both Cornerstone and our team was pleased with.