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Freedom Aviation

Getting a Brand Airbourne

Freedom Aviation can meet all your aircraft related needs, from maintenance, servicing and inspections, to flight school, aircraft charter and aircraft sales, and can service small light aircraft all the way up to even medium sized business jets. If you have an aviation problem, there’s a good chance that Freedom has an aviation solution. 

Freedom needed a way for clients to interact with them online, so it was our job to get their website in the air. 

The biggest challenge with this project was the need to coherently organize Freedom’s impressive array of services so that a visitor can easily locate the one they are looking for. The solution was a simple, but potent home page that not only efficiently highlights their many services, but also creates an easy to follow pathway for a site visitor to their desired location. 

Getting this website off the ground was well worth the challenge. Freedom ended up with an online hanger where clients can find and interact with their numerous offerings, and we ended up passing inspection with flying colors.