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  • "Lighthouse" Strategy
  • Cohesive Execution
  • Precision Timing
  • Understanding Distribution Channels
  • Assuming Thought Leadership
  • Attracting Customers

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Proven Success

In this economy, every dollar counts, which is why it’s essential to spend your capital on marketing that is both strategic and tactical. Relationship marketing, word of mouth and passionate brand ambassadors have taken over as the top strategies to gaining business exposure. Today’s markets call for clear messaging and look for a strategy that will draw your clients to you. At Stimulus, we call this idea the “lighthouse” strategy and strive to create a concise message that will not only bring more customers to you, but keep them coming back for more.

As a full-service marketing agency, Stimulus ensures that each and every service is optimized to give both you and your customers the richest experience possible.

Tactical Marketing

Being a full-service agency allows for you to have intense, integrated marketing tactics that relay both your marketing position and brand message to your client, causing a seamless experience that will resonate with your clientele.

Our tactical marketing strategy focuses on using the best tactics for your business to see the results you want and need. We utilize research and our 30+ years of marketing experience to help you pick tactics that will get results.

Already have an in-house marketing department? No problem! Our goal is not to take over, but instead to assist your team in finding the right tactics and creating the best messaging and imaging to reach your business goals.

STIMULUS offers a set of marketing tools to help clearly define goals, needs, opportunities, strategic plans, vision and tactical strategies.

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