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Building Equity

Your Brand From the Ground Up

It's important to view business from the perspectives of both you and your customer. This is critical to building a solid, sustainable and tangible brand identity. Many times you can see unsuccessful communications (especially on the web) that are built with an "all about us and not about you" mentality. Often for clients, we build what we call "Brand Rosetta" that includes the development of a core belief, vision, foundation elements and messaging - All to help your organization stay on the right track. Once that strategic framework is established, we look for tactics that deliver your message to your marketplace following that blueprint.

We produce tangible strategic elements that include unique deliverables like the “Brand Roadmap” - a complete strategic guide that includes all of your information in one document. We also provide clients with a complete brand guide and electronic media with all components included - once again, you own your assets.

With 45 years total of branding experience, Stimulus Advertising is prepared to start, enhance, or reform your brand. Several elements are necessary to make your brand top-of-mind.We take a mixture of tried and true practices and the knowledge and formulas we have put together over the years and customize the activity of "branding" for each individual organization. Below are some of these corridors of thinking...

  • 1. Intelligent Naivety

    Sometimes naivety can be a good thing! We often find ourselves getting stuck in a box we are unable to break out of due to the surplus of knowledge that we have gained throughout the years. Marketers often need to break free from the clutter of little pieces of knowledge that are the basis of their strategic thinking. In turn, they can see the real opportunities for radical growth.

  • 2. Gaining Clarity

    It’s important to be internally honest about the problems and challenges facing your brand so that they can be swiftly and effectively addressed. This allows room for a more focused approach to your branding. By starting with a central challenge and building outwards, your business will be able to lay the foundations for the strategic thinking that follows.

  • 3. Build Identity

    As a business, success comes once you gain a clear sense of who you are, what your business is and why it exists. These three concepts should be projected as an identity with intensity, consistency and salience. This will allow your consumers to notice your brand even if they are not looking for it.

  • 4. Thought Leadership

    There are two brand leaders in every category. The Market Leader who holds the biggest share and distribution and the Thought Leaderwho has the most perceived potential in the consumer's mind. Thought Leadership is your ticket to greater brand loyalty and an increased market share.

  • 5. Re-Evaluation

    Successful brands are those who understand the importance of interrupting the autopilot of consumers and causing them to rethink the place of your brand in their lives. By creating campaigns and ideas that capture the indifferent consumer's imagination, your company is sure to become a top-of-mind brand and a leader in your category.

  • 6. Sacrifice

    What a company chooses to do is just as important to their success as what they choose NOT to do. Focusing more narrowly on the audiences and mediums best for you is what builds a brand identity.

  • 7. Over-Commit

    Success is a product of calculated risk and this is just as true in marketing as it is anywhere else. You must choose a direction and actively commit your resources to that direction. When methods don’t work it’s important to understand why and having the resources dedicated to determining this is integral to growth.

  • 8. Become/Remain Socially Relevent

    The use of communication, in order to reach out to current and potential consumers, continues to be one of the few remaining sources of competitive advantage. It is important for a company to stay socially relevant, giving them a relational advantage when connecting with their customers.

  • 9. Idea-Centered, not Consumer-Centered

    Success is a very dangerous thing– causing brands and people to stop behaving in the way that made them initially successful. The principle of becoming idea-centered versus consumer-centered encompasses how a brand maintains its momentum once it has become successful. Here we move the organization from being consumer-dependent to focusing on the generation and implementation of ideas. These ideas constantly refresh and renew the relationship with the consumer.

Challenger branding seeks to place smaller brands into the competition with larger brands. Professional NBA basketball player, Wilt Chamberlain was quoted saying, “Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath.” It remains a goal for Stimulus Advertising to continually support challenger brands and encourage their action in the marketplace.

For more information on leadership and challenger branding, see Eating The Big Fish by Adam Morgan.

Whether it's a logo, style guides or a revised branding strategy,
Stimulus is here to help you figure it out!

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