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Westminster Canterbury - Lynchburg

Print Collateral Redesign

A Redesign for the Ages

Whoever said print was dead...they lied!

We have always LOVED a good print piece. The colors, the material, the smell of the paper, the...ok, sorry, we got a little carried away but we're back! Whether it's designing a business card or putting together a marketing brochure, we are all about it! The pieces we redesigned for Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg, Virginia were no different. 

A Little Background

Westminster Canterbury is a beautiful retirement community located in Lynchburg, Virginia. For nearly 40 years, Westminster has made Lynchburg the home of many retiring seniors (including a gentleman who helped with the initial prototype of the iPod–pretty cool right!?!?!?). This retirement community focuses on providing seniors with a  stress-free environment where they can age peacefully without the normal stresses of everyday life, which is something we ALL could get behind.

While this was a beautiful goal, on a beautiful campus, the print pieces Westminster was utilizing to market to aging seniors lacked the ability to showcase this beauty. Having been used for quite some years, the community thought it was time for a new look that truly resembled their motto:

Life Refreshed

We were happy when we got the call to help. The mission was simple...

Redesign the marketing collateral to represent the beauty of Westminster Canterbury - Lynchburg, giving aging seniors a reason to schedule a tour!



With 30+ years of print design knowledge, this was simple for us (we don't mean to brag...we promise). We knew what we needed to do in a timely fashion. Keep reading to discover what it really looks like to retire with style!

What can we say? Print Collateral is a part of what we do!
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