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Welcome Clockwise!

Let the Countdown Begin!

As a medical practice, it is important to make sure that all newly introduced technology is promoted properly so that patients don't get overwhelmed by the changes being made by the organization. Central Virginia Family Physicians, otherwise known as CVFP, is a medical practice that focuses on providing care to the Greater Lynchburg area, as well as Appomattox, Madison Heights, Staunton River and Piedmont. In 2016, CVFP introduced Clockwise, a new technology that would give their patients the ability to schedule appointments with any of their Immediate Care facilities online. This allowed patients the opportunity to "skip the wait" and get in and out of the office quickly.

Stimulus and CVFP worked together to integrate this new technology onto their website, as well as create tactics to promote the new technology to all of their current patients. However, there was still one big question that was left unanswered:

How do we get those who aren't CVFP patients to know that they can reserve a spot in line at a CVFP Immediate Care facility?

And it was as soon as we asked this most important question that we got the most simple answer.

Through the use of various media outlets, we were able to share the message of this new technology to reach those who weren't patients of CVFP, but who might desire to use one of the conveniently placed Immediate Cares within Lynchburg and the surrounding area.

Stop Waiting Around

Our first step in promoting this new, exciting technology, was to create a central message that would capture the audience. We did this with the following catchphrase:


Starting with print advertising, we carried this message through various media outlets throughout the Central Virginia area. However, this was only the beginning. Not only did we catch the attention of those around with a bold title, we also focused the copy on the top three benefits of using the new Clockwise system. By keeping it simple and to the point, we were able to effectively get the central message to those in the Lynchburg area.

No Appointment Necessary

With the print advertising section settled, it was time to enter into phase two of our plan...the billboards! By mixing both electronic and static billboards, we were able to get the message out both effectively and efficiently. It was important to keep similar messaging as what we presented within the print advertising. Our goal was to get the main points to the audience as quickly as possible.

Electronic Billboards

With our electronic billboards, we knew we needed to think outside of the box. We had two things that were very clear:

  1. Clockwise was a service that everyone needed to know about
  2. These billboards needed to be eye-catching, sending the right message to each person that would see it

From these two pieces of information, we thought that a live feed would be the BEST option for CVFP and for the customers at large. The goal was to have a clock that would inform the community of the wait time for the specific CVFP Immediate Care location. This would allow people to see the need for skipping the wait while giving them relevant information as they go down the road.

Working with McBride Sign Company (one of our clients) and Lamar Advertising, we were able to turn this thought into a reality and have three electronic billboards throughout Lynchburg.

Static Billboards

In addition to the electronic billboards that were running in high traffic areas across the Lynchburg region, we also designed and place static billboards throughout Central Virginia to let people know that the CVFP Immediate Care Facilities were definitely a top choice when it came to caring needs.

Each static billboard contained the same key messaging and served as an informational way for those not affiliated with CVFP to see what all of the "hype" was about. In order to use our promotion dollars wisely, we decided to only keep the static billboards up during key times of the year. Each board was placed in strategic locations where it could receive the highest traffic count possible.

We work hard so you don't have to. Let us help you with all of your technology needs!