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If you haven't already figured it out, we are busy 90% of the time! It's pretty crazy. However, in that other 10% of time leftover, we love to share our progress, latest projects and/or interesting reads on social media. Don't worry, we are on plenty of channels, and we try our best to change it up on each one! Go ahead and give us a follow on each, we would love to interact with you.

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Stimulus Advertising
Consumers can be extremely reluctant to believe the messages and advertisements of businesses. Why not pair with the personalities they know and trust? #Influencers #SocialMediaMarketing
Stimulus Advertising
As the media industry's relationship with advertisers continues to change over time, marketers will have to adapt to the shifting landscape. How do you expect advertisers to change in the news/media industry? #AheadOfTheCurve #IndustryChanges
Stimulus Advertising
Communication is dynamic and always changing. What trends do you use the most in your company? #InTheKnow #Communication #Marketing #SmallBusiness
Stimulus Advertising
Remembering all of those affected by this tragedy! #NeverForget #911Anniversary
Stimulus Advertising
Grabbing your target’s attention is hard. Capturing it before they can skip the ad… even harder!!! Stimulus is here to help create relevant content that connects. #Marketing #VideoMarketing
Stimulus Advertising
New trends in digital text help communicate different voice. Have you used any of these trends lately? #Trendy #Digital #Typography
Stimulus Advertising
We love packaging design, don’t you? Check out some of 2019's best food packaging designs! Which one stands out to you? #Packaging #Marketing #LearnFromTheBest
Stimulus Advertising
Have you been paying attention to the growth of competitive gaming? Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with fans. Game on! #Gaming #Marketing #NewOpportunities
Stimulus Advertising
Who has time to watch a long ad anyway? Twitter now has 6-second ad spots! #Marketing #Video
Stimulus Advertising 😄👌💐 Check out what all of the hype is about: Like what you see? #Website #Branding #SmallBusiness
Stimulus Advertising
RT @adage: Advertisers who practice diversity have the power to change the world
Stimulus Advertising
INDEPENDENCE!!!!! Let's go!!!!!!! 🕺💃🕺💃🙌 Oh wait...we have to go back to work tomorrow... ... ... ... 😢😫😭🙅‍♂️ #Happy4thofJuly

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