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If you haven't already figured it out, we are busy 90% of the time! It's pretty crazy. However, in that other 10% of time leftover, we love to share our progress, latest projects and/or interesting reads on social media. Don't worry, we are on plenty of channels, and we try our best to change it up on each one! Go ahead and give us a follow on each, we would love to interact with you.

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Do you really have a good website? Here are just a few ways that you can decide: bit.ly/2yKXARn. If you need help getting your website up to par, give us a call at (434) 455-7188! #Joomla #WebDesign #SmallBusiness
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"Reimagine your space!" That was exactly the thought process we used when designing this website for a new set of lofts in Lynchburg, VA! Would you live here? ow.ly/L3gB50ADp3e #WebDesign #Coding #Marketing #SmallBusiness
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Going once...going twice...SOLD! We are so glad that we were able to assist Walker Commercial Services with their new site and property listing system. Thanks to @joomla for such a powerful #CMS to help us achieve a beautiful site!
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"Law [websites are] for people who are boring and ugly and serious." - Legally Blonde This isn't true for Litten & Sipe, LLP's new website! What do you think, did we do a good job? See the full website at littensipe.com #website #webdesign #marketing #smallbusiness
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Katie: I LIKE IT DIRRRTTTYYY! Benton: Ummmmm.... Katie: The color. The COLOR! 🤦‍♀️ #QuoteoftheDay #Dirty #ColorTheory #Design
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Did you know we are on multiple platforms. Go ahead and give us a follow on each, we will try to keep you entertained and informed! psssst...linktr.ee/stimulusadv Now back to your regularly scheduled Thursday! #Marketing #Advertising #SmallBusiness #Joomla #WebDesign
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Get off the couch and start applying yourself! We know that finding a job is difficult right now, but all hope is not lost. Here are a few things we think you should be doing during the job search: bit.ly/2A7vrES. #business #marketing #Advertising #collegegrad
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It's amazing what we can create when we all come together. Let's each bring our piece to the table and continue building a better tomorrow. #LYHStrong #Community
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Grateful to our community, our clients and our employees for all that they do. Follow us on Instagram (bit.ly/3g7hw1w) and see just a few of the marketing items we were able to create for our #HealthcareHeroes! #smallbusiness #marketing
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Our latest case study is now available: bit.ly/2XaZNxz! If you, or a business you know, needs help with an #outdooradvertising campaign, give us a call! #marketing #advertising #graphicdesign #smallbusiness
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#HappyMothersDay to ALL of the beautiful mothers out there! You make all of the difference!
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We. Are. STRONGER. Than. This. Together we will make it through this pandemic and everything else that comes our way. Grateful for all of those who have helped to keep Lynchburg safe!

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