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We were so excited when we received a call from the Lynchburg Regional Airport to assist them with their latest marketing campaign (who doesn't love a new client?). The goal was to utilize outdoor marketing (billboards) to spread a few key messages to residents of the Greater Lynchburg community.

The key points included:

  1. Let residents know that the airport has added more seating to each plane
  2. Bring attention to the convenience of flying local
  3. Encourage people to fly through the Lynchburg Regional Airport
  4. Utilize #FlyLYH in the messaging

Stimulus was ready to begin! We love a good billboard campaign, and defintiely consider ourselves to be quite advanced when it comes to billboard designs. Keep reading to see what we were able to present to the airport.

Where to Begin?

In order to ensure that we presented the airport with exactly what they asked for, we immediately held a brainstorming session where we assessed the requests of the client and began the creative process.

The objectives were simple, but we were positive that we needed to make these billboards stand out. Some of our brainstorming revelations were as follows:

  1. We knew we needed a catchy phrase that would grab the attention of those that drove by.
  2. We needed to prioritize the messaging so key information was the most prevalent.
  3. We needed to ensure that we utilized strong visuals that conveyed something greater than Lynchburg (the point of flying is traveling!)
  4. By the end of this, people needed to KNOW that they were gonna fly from the Lynchburg Regional Airport.

The Creative Process  & Big Idea

Brainstorm done, time to get creative! Following our "12 Rules for Every Billboard Design," we began working on the creative. While we definitely had some designs that didn't work out, we did have two stellar concepts that we couldn't wait to share with the client.

Easy Just Got Easier...

This concept was based off of the idea of simplicity and ease. The goal was to let Lynchburg residents know that with more seats available, it was even EASIER to #FlyLYH with the Lyncbhurg Regional Airport.

Find Your Next Adventure

This concept focused specifically on those who love to travel – those who just can't sit in one spot for long periods of time. It was time for another adventure and why shouldn't they use Lyncbhurg Regional Airport to get there?

The Designs

The Results

We LOVE seeing positive results from our clients. In this case, the results were breathtaking and a reason to celebrate. Lynchburg Regional Airport saw a positive response to all of their efforts and were ultimately able to achieve their goal of increasing the amount of passengers flying out of Lynchburg, Virginia.

While our billboards were not the only tactic that helped the airport reach it's goals, we were so happy to be a part of the solution!

Check out this article, written by WDBJ7, to learn more about the Lycnhburg Regional Airports efforts and ultimate increase in traffic.

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