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It's important to view business from the perspectives of both you and your customer. This is critical to build a solid, sustainable and tangible brand identity. Many times you can see unsuccessful communications (especially on the web) that are built with an "all about us and not about you" mentality. Often for clients we build what we call "Brand Rosetta" that includes development of a core belief, vision, foundation elements and messaging - All to help your organization stay on the right track. Once that strategic framework is established, we look for tactics that deliver your message to your market place following that blueprint.

We produce tangible strategic elements that include unique deliverables like the “Brand Roadmap” - a complete strategic guide that includes all of your information in one document. We also provide clients with a complete brand guide and electronic media with all components included - once again, you own your assets.
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With 45 years total of branding experience, Stimulus Advertising is prepared to start, enhance, or reform your brand. Several elements are necessary to make your brand top-of-mind.We take a mixture of tried and true practices and the knowledge and formulas we have put together over the years and customize the activity of "branding" for each individual organization. Below are some of these corridors of thinking...


1.Thought Leadership

There are two brand leaders in every category. The Market Leader who holds the biggest share and distribution, and the Thought Leader who has the most sensed potential in the consumers mind. If a brand is not on top, first the brand developers must think as if the brand is a leader.


Successful brands desire to puncture the consumer’s autopilot and make consumer’s rethink the place of the brand in their lives. This re-evaluation is to be done swiftly and powerfully, positioning their brand in the consumer’s mind and life.

3.Gaining Clarity

Once a business has explored the potential opportunities available to their competing brand, it is time to be clear about what the challenge to the market or another brand is going to be. Now is the time to sit down and determine a focus.

4. Sacrifice

What a company chooses not to do is as important to their success as what they choose to do. Concentrating focus, voice, and actions more narrowly is an advantage to building brand identity. When concentrating so closely on certain aspects of a brand’s message, it is sometimes important to let other aspects go.


A selected path of action must be successful. When a business chooses to drive success through one or two key activities, they cannot just commit to these activities, they must over-commit.

6.Build Identity

Success as a competing brand comes through developing a very clear sense of whom or what the brand/business is and why it exists. Once defined, these concepts should be projected as an identity with intensity, consistency, and salience. This way, consumers notice the brand even if they are not looking for it.

7.Enter Social Culture

The use of communications to create genuine salience in the world around us remains one of the very few remaining sources of competitive advantage—but only if systematically embraced within the company.

8.Intelligent Naivety

Often times, marketers need to break free from the clutter of little pieces of knowledge that are the basis of their strategic thinking. In turn, they can see the real opportunities for radical growth.

9.Idea-Centered, not Consumer-Centered

Success is a very dangerous thing- it causes brands and people to stop behaving in the way that made them initially successful. This principle encompasses how a brand maintains its momentum once it has become successful. Here we move the organization from being consumer-dependent to focusing on the generation and implementation of ideas. These ideas constantly refresh and renew the relationship with the consumer.


Challenger branding seeks to place smaller brands into the competition with larger brands. Professional NBA basketball player, Wilt Chamberlain was quoted saying, “Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath.” It remains a goal for Stimulus Advertising to continually support challenger brands and encourage their action in the marketplace.  For more information on leadership and challenger branding, see “Eating The Big Fish” by Adam Morgan.



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Stimulus is an experienced digital media advertising agency, delivering top tier creative solutions for all media. We deliver strategic solutions that meet the needs of your brand. We’re uniquely qualified to do whatever it takes. Our experience speaks volumes, and our results speak for themselves. Let us help discover new audiences, build marketshare, maximize media strategies and grow your brand equity. Our advanced web design, search engine optimization, social media and marketing services will help your brand discover new growth and success. Our agency is well versed in traditional media such as broadcast, outdoor, print, direct mail and others. Let's talk! 


Creativity and innovation from one Ad Agency that can build your brand with all media. New digital platforms, Search Engine Optimization, a great user experience and social media marketing are critical components to winning customers.

Simple Facts:


Facebook Users

The percentage of Facebook users in the U.S. is a media outlet you cannot ignore. Facebook advertising offers new challenges but we can show you effective ways to maximize your social media presence.


Smart Phone Users in the U.S.

Is your web site mobile? Can your business be found?
How is your online reputation?


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People are researching, locating, comparing prices and buying online with their tablet.

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    Building brand equity for your organization, Stimulus Advertising has the capability to build your brand and reach your target audience.

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    Web Design

    Creating responsive and mobile friendly websites for businesses, organizations and individuals. Whether you need a complete redesign or a simple update, our team's vast experience is well equipped to serve all your website needs.  

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    Attracting customers, Stimulus Advertising is your one stop shop for all your marketing and advertising needs on the East Coast.

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    The right message to the right customer. Stimulus Advertising thoroughly researches your customers to provide the most value for your advertising placement

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    Stimulus Advertising offers a wide variety of print and publication design services. Our prepress experience assures you of an excellent product hot off the presses.

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    Social Media

    Integrating social media platforms into your website is vital to customer awareness. From twitter updates to blogging to search engine optimization, Stimulus Advertising is prepared to cover any of your social media needs.

Website Designs

Mobile ready websites custom built for all your creative ideas.

Brand & Identity

Brand, Logo and Package Design built for you


Experienced staff are available to assist with any type of query.

Video Production

Custom video is available through our creative team.

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We have put together the best of our experience, the best of our talents and this is the result. Every time we make a plan we put in discussion to arrive at an excellent design.


“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso

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Experience is important and we have plenty— but we also have a culture of change and exploration. Finding new ways - Staying ahead of technology - Rethinking what we did last month. That is what makes Stimulus different from other advertising agencies and web design firms.

Lynn Kirby

President - Founder

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Benton Evans

Operations Manager


Mark Landis

Business Development Manager

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Alex Dobrin

Manager: IT | WEB | Extension Developer

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Billing / Web Support

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General Accounting

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At Stimulus Advertising we put a high value on our client relationships.  We are strong believers in having clear expectations and a shared vision with all of our clients.

  • What our customer's say about our virginia advertising agency

    Craig Millner -  Vice President Perry Pools

    Stimulus Advertising has been managing Perry Pools, Inc’s marketing campaigns for the last several years. Lynn Kirby and his staff do a phenomenal job and really get it when it comes to targeting your customer base in today’s challenging world of marketing. I have been highly impressed with the results we receive, be it by traditional media, web design or by today’s social media types. I highly recommend Stimulus Advertising, you will see favorable results!!!

    Perry Pools

  • Web Design Services from Our Virginia Advertising Agency

    Peter G.

    Stimulus is very responsive and caring. They took the design of my web site very personally. They offered strong ideas but allowed my vision to take precedence. In the end the site reflects our company’s values and the products we sell exactly as we want them to.


  • Web Design Services in Virginia

    Brandon Farmer - EVP & Senior Operations Officer

    Stimulus Advertising has provided Bank of the James with advanced web-based technology allowing our teams to conduct ongoing collaborations without conducting traditional meetings. The technological expertise Lynn and his staff bring to the table has provided us with numerous efficiencies and made us more effective in our daily activities. I highly recommend working Stimulus Advertising to help your company find more efficiencies in using the latest in web based technology.

    Bank of the James

Our experience has included many top brands and a wide array of projects:

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Inbound marketing is more than a buzz word to us. Our strategies target consumers in new ways that mean better conversions and validated web traffic.  We use Constant Contact, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and twitter in conjunction with ad purchasing to make sure your message reaches its target audience. We also employ a host of traditional marketing services and promotions to better serve your business needs.


Using the latest in web design technology, our goal is to deliver an enhanced online user experience— Optimizing mobile platforms and providing bridges to advanced technology solutions:

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